The Knee & Knee Replacements with Justine Shelton – 4.0 Hrs


  • Learn about the anatomy of the knee joint and how to work with its challenges from a Yoga Therapy standpoint.
  • Understand common conditions and injuries of the knee joint.
  • Learn about working with all phases of a knee replacement, from prevention to rehabilitation.
  • Gain a deeper understanding through individual case studies.

4.0 Hours of Non-Contact CEU Hours – Lecture and Asana


Justine Shelton, AVI Certified Viniyoga Therapist, C-IAYT, will teach you about the common conditions and injuries of the knee including ligament and meniscus tears, chondromalacia, osteoarthritis, muscular imbalances and knee replacement surgery. You will learn how to use the therapeutic tools of yoga to help your clients and students delay or prepare  for knee replacement surgery, rehabilitate and recover range of motion, synergystically strengthen the musculature that supports the joint and experience less pain and discomfort.

Justine discusses and demonstrates alignment do’s and don’ts in creative and experiential ways. Join in on the Group Field Trip, dive into knee replacement before and after photos, and experience first-hand the benefits of healing asanas as Justine leads you through a one-hour Yoga Therapy for Knees practice.

4 Hours of Non-Contact CEU Hours – Lecture and Asana

Course Outline

Module 1 Handout and Slides: Knees & Knee Replacements
Unit 1 Handout: Yoga Therapy for the Knees & Knee Replacements
Unit 2 Slides: Yoga Therapy for the Knees & Knee Replacements
Module 2 Video Lecture I - Anatomy of the Knee
Unit 1 Video Lecture I - Anatomy of the Knee
Module 3 Video Lecture II - Injuries & Conditions of the Knee
Unit 1 Video Lecture II - Common Injuries & Conditions of the Knee
Module 4 Group Practice for the Knees
Unit 1 Group Practice for Healthy Knees
Module 5 Video Lecture III - Alignment & Knee Replacements
Unit 1 Video Lecture III - Knee Alignment & Replacements
Module 6 Asana Practice for Healthy Knees
Unit 1 Asana Practice for the Knees
Module 7 Quiz: Knees & Knee Replacements
Unit 1 Quiz: Yoga Therapy for Knees & Knee Replacements
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Sneak Preview

Working with Shoulder Injuries and Pain: A Therapeutic Approach for Yoga Teachers

This video is a segment of Soul Yoga Therapy’s Holistic Anatomy and Physiology course on the Rotator Cuff and Humeral Deviation. To view the full workshop, please visit

Full Asana Practice

Learning Comes to Life!

The workshop material comes to life in a full Yoga Therapy Class for the Rotator Cuff led by Monique Lonner and Justine Shelton. You will learn special adaptations, specific cues and sequencing to bring into your group Yoga classes or private student sessions.

Justine Shelton

Justine Shelton, C-IAYT is a graduate of The Soul of Yoga’s 200 hour training and a four year training program with Gary Kraftsow of the American Viniyoga Institute, she is a 500 hour AVI Certified Yoga Teacher and a 500 hour AVI Certified Yoga Therapist. Justine specializes in structural Yoga therapy, specifically spinal disc injuries, back pain management, as well as joint therapy - including prehab and rehab for replacements. 

Her passion is working with people who have different forms of catastrophic illness, helping them to manage their condition, minimize and cope with pain and, most importantly, helping them to realize they are not their condition. She encourages her students to practice where their body is right now, allowing for the constant change and growth that comes with a dedicated practice. One of the reasons she loves Yoga is that there is always more to learn, always room to grow.....this, in addition to her love of anatomy and physiology, keeps her curious mind in learning mode.


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