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The Science and Soul of Yoga Therapy

Soul Yoga Therapy online courses, taught by experienced yoga therapists, doctors and philosophers, empower you with advanced yogic understanding and skill.

Learn the “how to”,  “why to” and “when to” of therapeutic yoga techniques to help yourself, clients and students dealing with illness, injury and life challenges of all kinds.

  • Immerse in deep spiritual teachings and scientific explorations.
  • Gain skills to work with physical injury, physiologic disease, emotional pain and spiritual distress.
  • Enjoy access to real live human mentors who answer your questions and provide personal guidance.
  • Learn to teach seniors, beginners, expectant mothers and more.
  • Heal yourself and others with ancient tools proven to address modern maladies.
  • Earn CEUs

Start now and you’ll soon find yourself empowered with the understanding of how to modify, adapt and refine the practices and teachings for any person or condition.

Course Categories


Rotator Cuff or Carpal Tunnel confounding you? Demystify pain and movement limitation in the shoulders, arms, wrist and hands with these deep dive videos into the anatomy and physiology of the upper limbs.

Spine & Abdomen

The vitality of the spine and abdomen have a profound effect on overall health and wellbeing. Learn how it’s all connected to posture, breathing, range of movement and the incredible interconnections of our bodily systems.

Hips & Lower Limbs

The lower body is our foundation in life. Hip, knee and foot pain can plague us whether we are pro-athletes or desk workers. These videos will show you how to help alleviate chronic pain, rehab hip and knee replacements, and stand for a healthier life.

Physiology & Body Systems

Physiological imbalances can lead to chronic illness. Learn yogic practices proven to support recovery from metabolic syndrome, digestive dysfunction, chronic pain, stress related imbalances, insomnia, lymphedema and much more.

Specialty Populations

Gain new lucrative skills in learning to teach speciality populations; prenatal classes, chair yoga, desk workers and middle aged yogis. Anyone can walk into your classes, and you can be well prepared to teach to any BODY.

Yogic Philosophy

Find solace in the ancient wisdom of yogic texts to address modern maladies of stress, low self esteem, anger, addictive personality and more. Learn how to parlay scripture into spiritual support for yourself & your students.


Brian Dorfman Discusses the Role of a Yoga Therapist

Soul Yoga Therapy is the online learning portal for the Soul of Yoga IAYT Accredited Yoga Therapy Training program and the Soul of Yoga 500 Hour Advanced Training program.