Online Certification: Corporate Deskworker Yoga with Sherry Zak Morris – 20 Hours


Sherry combines her 25-year corporate High Tech career and her passion for Chair and Gentle Yoga with a creative 5-Week Lunch and Learn “Yoga for the Tech Worker” Series. This Series is designed to educate, empower and bring relief to deskworkers from the common issues and ailments they experience when working at their desks for long periods of time. This Corporate Yoga Program was created purposefully to be replicated by Yoga Teachers to take into their business community in a turnkey, targeted and powerful “Lunch and Learn” format.

20 Hours of Yoga Alliance CEU Hours – Lunch and Learn Educational Lectures and Video Library of Chair and Mat Yoga Filmed Corporate Classes

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Don’t think you will every teach Yoga in a business or corporate setting?  
No matter where you teach Yoga or what kind of Yoga you teach… you will undoubtedly have students who are deskworkers in your classes! Understanding the aches and pains caused by static positioning and repetitive motions are key to helping them feel better. Learn why particular Yoga asanas and therapeutic modifications will bring relief to your deskworker students and howto weave them into your classes!

Education is the Goal of this Course!
“Lunch and Learns” are a familiar concept in businesses. Often described as “Meetings to enhance the skills, knowledge, thinking, and learning abilities of employees. They are provided in a relaxing, informal environment that employees appreciate for learning about something new and interesting.” What better place to educate employees on the value and importance of moving, stretching and breathing to counteract their stationery work styles than in informal, experiential Workshops and Yoga classes.

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Sherry spent many years in Corporate Marketing and Business Development where she presented to small and large groups of technology workers about the benefits of some high tech whiz bang.  Now, she comes back into these environments to help her deskworker colleagues feel better in their bodies, and have more energy in their lives.

SPECIAL THANKS! goes to the unnamed High Tech Company in North San Diego for allowing Sherry to film and present these Corporate Yoga classes to their employees.  A super thanks goes to the attendees who came with lots of questions which were captured after each class for additional learning purposes.

Course Objective

This Corporate Yoga Teacher Training and Certification Course is designed to educate and empower you to deliver a powerful and practical “Yoga for Tech Workers” Presentation Series and Deskworker Yoga Classes. You will learn:

  • The fundamentals of the Anatomy of the Deskworker with specific focus on common postures that create pain and why
  • How the body compromises and adapts to these unnatural conditions
  • How specific Yoga poses and sequences counteract and help mitigate the consequences of life behind a desk
  • What you need to know about working with Businesses to find Corporate Yoga Opportunities

15 Hours Online Self-Paced Training

15 hours of Yoga Alliance non-contact hours of Continuing Education.
Final Exam, Powerpoint Lecture & Teachback Class required for Certification.

NOTE: If you are a Yoga Teacher with a minimum of 200 hours of Training, then you can be a “Certified” Corporate Yoga teacher. If you are not a Yoga Teacher, you get a “Certificate of Completion” for Corporate Yoga Training. The Hiring organization determines the necessary requirements for teaching at their facilities.

5-Part “Lunch and Learn” Yoga for Tech Worker Series

Deep Dive Live Video Powerpoint Presentations covering the following topics:

  • Anatomy of the Deskworker – Postures that Lead to Pain
  • Upper Body – Neck, Shoulders, Arms and Hands
  • Mid Body – Spine and Low Back Issues
  • Lower Body – Hips, Legs and Feet including Sciatica
  • The Mind – Meditation, Insomnia and Stress Reduction
  • BONUS – Bringing Doshas into the Workplace

(All of the above Video Powerpoint Presentations were filmed LIVE during the 5-week Lunch and Learn Series Sherry offered at a High Tech company.  Each week’s presentation comes with original editable Powerpoint slides and text translations for each slide for easy learning and customizing with your brand!)

Associated 30-minute Live Deskworker Yoga classes for every Deep Dive Topic

  • Each Corporate Yoga Class reinforces the anatomy and movement concepts covered in the Powerpoint presentation
  • Classes contain creative uses of Yoga props such as belts, blocks and balls
  • Includes both seated and standing poses using a Chair as well as Gentle Yoga standing and mat poses

Additional Video Learning Modules

  • Included: 3.5 Hour Gentle Yoga for Tech Worker Video Workshop
    Video workshop for Yoga Teachers who want to weave Gentle and Chair Yoga poses into their regular Yoga classes specifically for deskbound, sedentary workers. Includes both mat and Chair Yoga poses and sequences.
  • Video Library of additional Live Deskworker Yoga classes and Video Learning Vignettes
    Sherry continues to teach and film Corporate Yoga classes which are continually added to this Library of classes.

Corporate Yoga Business and Marketing Strategies

  • Sample Marketing Flyers and Marketing Ideas
  • Who to Contact and How to Engage to Find a Corporate Yoga opportunity


  • Final Exam
  • Your Final 45-min Teachback Class consisting of a 15-minute Powerpoint presentation (with your template and branding) and a 30-minute Yoga Classs.

Ongoing access to the Course material after graduation.

Sneak Preview

Why Deskworkers might have Tight Hamstrings with Sherry Zak Morris, E-RYT

I had the privilege of presenting a 5-week Yoga Educational Series to a group of Tech Deskworkers at a local business park. I have to admit that most of the students were men who are feeling those aches and pains after working long hours at a desk. One of the most common complaint was tight hamstrings and low back pain. Here is a segment from one of the lectures where I dive into the anatomy of various postures that we sit in.

Chair and Mat Yoga Class Library

Learning Comes to Life!

The workshop material comes to life with a library of Chair and Mat Yoga classes filmed LIVE in a Corporate Yoga setting. You will learn special adaptations, specific cues and sequencing to bring into your Corporate Yoga classes or private student sessions.

Sherry Zak Morris, C-IAYT

Sherry is the Co-Founder and Director of the Yoga Vista Academy and has a proven track record for empowering and igniting passion for 50+ yoga and wellness. She presented on her Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga Specialty many times at the annual Yoga Alliance Conference, the professional and trade association of the Yoga world. Sherry is a mentoree of the Mary Cavanaugh and Indra Devi lineage. Her Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga course curriculum and certification programs have hundreds of graduates across the globe and help ensure Yoga is accessible to people of all ages and stages of life. Featured in the Costco Connection for wellness innovation and a recognized online global yoga blogger, Sherry is a versatile business leader passionate about Actively Aging. As a seasoned wellness entrepreneur, she is the CEO and Founder of Yoga Vista, an internationally-recognized brand of Yoga and Wellness DVDs and popular YouTube Channel for Yoga for the 50+ market.