Course: Yoga Therapy – Understanding Postural Alignment of the Shoulder Joint With Brian Dorfman – 2.0 Hrs


The shoulder joint is one of the most complicated in the body and a small misalignment in the shoulder can cause significant pain over time. In this workshop Brian will offer simple and effective ways to help you understand the deep anatomy of the shoulder, the common misalignments that create trouble, and the yogic tools to work with shoulder joint.

2.0 Hours of Non-Contact CEU Hours – Lecture


4 out of 5 Americans complain of neck and upper back pain. It’s no wonder, because we spend most of our days with our shoulders rounded forward: driving, typing, texting, cooking, picking up children, moving heavy objects, even in our work-outs.

The body is designed to move in all directions, so forward movement of the shoulder is not inherently bad. Unfortunately we rarely “counterpose” this alignment; rolling our shoulders back for equal or longer periods of time. This forward rolling alignment puts undue strain on the soft tissues and nerves of the shoulder, upper back, chest, and neck.

This workshop will help you understand how this simple and common postural habit can cause havoc and create a great deal of pain and immobility. In this video you will learn what happens in the shoulder to cause distress, why it’s important to initiate postural change, and how to work with students suffering from upper back, shoulder, and neck pain.

After this course you will understand:

  • Correct alignment of the shoulder girdle and shoulder joint
  • How to work with students and clients to develop an awareness of shoulder position
  • Exercises and movements to comfortably correct shoulder position
  • The nerve structures of the neck and upper body
  • How these nerves are impacted by shoulder position
  • How to determine the severity of the impact on a nerve
  • The difference between the glenohumeral joint and the scapulothoracic joint
  • What movements are and why they are contraindicated for shoulder or neck pain

3.5 Hours of Non-Contact CEU Hours – Lecture and Asana

Course Outline

Module 1 Video Lecture: Yoga Therapy for Postural Misalignment of the Shoulder Joint
Unit 1 Video Lecture: Yoga Therapy for Postural Misalignment of the Shoulder Joint with Brian Dorfman
Module 2 Quiz: Yoga Therapy for Postural Misalignment of the Shoulder Joint
Unit 1 Quiz: Yoga Therapy for Postural Misalignment of the Shoulder Joint
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Sneak Preview

Shoulder Pain and Humeral Deviation with Brian Dorfman

Why the position of the humeral bone affect shoulder alignment and shoulder pain. This misalignment is all too common in people with forward head carriage and slumped forward postures. Look inside the shoulder socket to see what is causes this common postural epidemic.

Sneak Preview

Shoulder Injuries in Baby Boomers and Athletes with Brian Dorfman

Brian Dorfman, master Yoga teacher and sports medicine specialist talks about the cause of the growing incidence of shoulder injuries among baby boomers.

Brian Dorfman

Brian DorfmanBrian Dorfman has been treating patients and teaching for over 25 years. He has extensive knowledge and instructional ability in the areas of kinesiology, anatomy, physiology and the biomechanics of movement. Since 1985, Brian has maintained his own injury rehabilitation practice and is an internationally recognized healer. His ability to treat injuries has made him indispensable among Olympic and professional athletes, including national and world record holders in a number of different sports.

In addition to his hands-on healing work, Brian is also a Master yoga teacher specializing in the therapeutic application of yoga. He has over 20 years experience offering group classes and private instruction. Influenced by TVK Desikachar, Brian’s instruction focuses on helping the student develop a personalized, balanced practice. He incorporates asana, pranayama, sound and meditation to create an environment for the student’s innate wisdom to develop.


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