Course: The Abdominal Muscles and Core Strength with Brian Dorfman – 4.0 Hrs


Working with the abdominal muscles is essential to full body health and wellness. They play an integral role in spine health, gastro-intestinal health, cardiovascular health, and hip health. This complex interwoven muscle group and their role in the body are made easy to understand by Brian Dorfman in this comprehensive video.

4.0 Hours of Non-Contact CEU Hours – Lecture and Asana

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More than 80% of Americans experience low back pain. Long hours of sitting and driving, general inactivity, and lack of muscle tone are significant contributors. And it isn’t just the elderly, according to the Mayo Clinic Americans as young as 19 are experiencing as severe low back pain as Americans over 60.

To make matters worse, over time kyphosis (the rounding forward of the shoulders and upper back often related to seated posture) can cause compression in the lungs and difficulty breathing.

As well, weakness in the abdominal wall can cause a wide range of gastrointestinal issues. Unfortunately these are not all of the conditions that can be caused by weak and stuck abdominal muscles. Fortunately, much of this pain can be prevented or reversed by implementing the movements and exercises outlines in this video. In this workshop learn how from one of the country’s top Kinesiologists.

After this course you will understand:

  • The structure of the abdominal muscles
  • How these muscles impact the pelvis
  • How the muscles of the core impact hip and low back health
  • How abdominal muscles impact breath
  • How abdominal tonality impacts overall health and wellness
  • The role the abdominal muscles play with internal organ health and digestive wellness
  • What movements to use to provide pain relief and preventative wellbeing

4.0 Hours of Non-Contact CEU Hours – Lecture and Asana

Course Outline

Module 1 Handout: The Abdominal Muscles and Core Strength
Unit 1 Handout: The Abdominal Muscles and Core Strength
Module 2 Lecture Videos: The Abdominal Muscles and Core Strength
Unit 1 Video Lecture: The Abdominal Muscles and Core Strength with Brian Dorfman
Module 3 Asana Practice: The Core: Abdominal Muscles
Unit 1 Asana Practice: The Core and Abdomen
Module 4 Quiz: The Abdominal Muscles and Core Strength
Unit 1 Quiz: The Abdominal Muscles and Core Strength
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Sneak Preview

Can a Short Leg be remedied with Yoga? with Brian Dorman, Kiniesologist

When someone complains of a leg length discrepancy, it might not be the mismatched length of the legs at all. Find out what other areas of the body can affect this asymmetry.

Full Asana Practice

Learning Comes to Life!

The workshop material comes to life in a full Yoga Therapy Class for the Core led by Brian Dorfman and demonstrated by Monique Lonner. You will learn special adaptations, specific cues and sequencing to bring into your group Yoga classes or private student sessions.

Brian Dorfman

Brian DorfmanBrian Dorfman has been treating patients and teaching for over 25 years. He has extensive knowledge and instructional ability in the areas of kinesiology, anatomy, physiology and the biomechanics of movement. Since 1985, Brian has maintained his own injury rehabilitation practice and is an internationally recognized healer. His ability to treat injuries has made him indispensable among Olympic and professional athletes, including national and world record holders in a number of different sports.

In addition to his hands-on healing work, Brian is also a Master yoga teacher specializing in the therapeutic application of yoga. He has over 20 years experience offering group classes and private instruction. Influenced by TVK Desikachar, Brian’s instruction focuses on helping the student develop a personalized, balanced practice. He incorporates asana, pranayama, sound and meditation to create an environment for the student’s innate wisdom to develop.


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