Online Certification: Chair and Senior Yoga with Sherry Zak Morris – 60 hrs

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The Yoga Vista Academy is our Yoga Education Partner. This Online Senior and Chair Yoga Training and Certification Program was created to meet the growing demand for Yoga Teachers and Health care professionals who have the passion to teach to Seniors and people with physical limitations.

60 Hours of Non-Contact CEU Hours – Lecture and Live Chair Yoga Filmed Classes

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The Yoga Vista Academy is our Yoga Education Partner for Specialty Yoga Certifications. This Online Chair and Senior Yoga Training and Certification Program was created to meet the growing demand for Yoga Teachers and Health care professionals who have the passion to teach to Seniors and people with physical limitations.

This Program is based on the award-winning, government-sponsored Senior Chair Yoga Program that is being taught at Yoga Studios, Assisted Living Centers, Community Centers, Hospitals and local libraries since 2007. Our course incorporates the body of work from lead teacher, Sherry Zak Morris, C-IAYT, Co-Founder and Director of the Yoga Vista Academy, along with a  team of Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga Teachers who share their passion for Seniors and people with physical limitations.  You will see us all on video teaching live classes where we put our teachings and philosophies to practice! Join us!

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60 Hours Online Self-Paced Training

Pre-Requisite: Available to Yoga teachers, healthcare professionals, senior fitness instructors and/or anyone interested in offering safe and effective movements and exercises for Seniors and the 50+ Demographic.

  • 60 hours of advanced Online Senior and Chair Yoga Training.
    • Includes in depth Anatomy of Aging module for common conditions, issues and injuries with movement guidelines and Yoga modifications.
    • Reference material in chapter-format for easy study with knowledge checks along the way to ensure you are learning and applying teaching concepts.
    • Videos of full-length live chair yoga classes as well as short video vignettes that reinforce learning concepts.
  • Field Trip Report – Venture out into your community to observe and document Seniors postures, movement patterns and personal interactions.
  • One-hour final teachback to ensure you have embraced the key concepts of the course and can provide a safe and effective Chair Yoga class for Seniors.
  • Self-paced, self-study. No course deadline.
  • Ongoing access to the Course material after graduation.

Program Details

All Course materials included upon enrollment

Detailed and Illustrated Training Manual

500+ Page Full Color Training Manual in Downloadable PDF format.

  • Anatomy and Physiology of each Condition
  • Causes and Symptoms
  • Movement Guidelines – (do’s and don’t)
  • Comprehensive Yoga Pose Library: Recommended Yoga Poses/Sequences (with modifications )
  • Learning Lab Video Vignettes: Yoga Pose video vignettes of each Yoga pose in the specific module.

Ongoing access to the Course material after graduation.

Informational Video

Overview of the Chair Yoga Certification Program

This 15 minute presentation will tell you everything you need to know about the 60 hour Chair Yoga Training program where you can earn Yoga Alliance CEUs. Ready to start on the best journey of your life to help serve our Seniors?

Chair Yoga Class Library

Learning Comes to Life!

The workshop material comes to life with a library of Chair Yoga classes filmed at Sherry’s Yoga Studio with a roomful of Boomers, Seniors and people in Wheelchairs. You will learn special adaptations, specific cues and sequencing to bring into your group Yoga classes or private student sessions.

Sherry Zak Morris, C-IAYT

Sherry is the Co-Founder and Director of the Yoga Vista Academy and has a proven track record for empowering and igniting passion for 50+ yoga and wellness. She presented on her Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga Specialty many times at the annual Yoga Alliance Conference, the professional and trade association of the Yoga world. Sherry is a mentoree of the Mary Cavanaugh and Indra Devi lineage. Her Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga course curriculum and certification programs have hundreds of graduates across the globe and help ensure Yoga is accessible to people of all ages and stages of life. Featured in the Costco Connection for wellness innovation and a recognized online global yoga blogger, Sherry is a versatile business leader passionate about Actively Aging. As a seasoned wellness entrepreneur, she is the CEO and Founder of YogaJP, an internationally-recognized brand of Yoga and Wellness DVDs and popular YouTube Channel for Yoga for the 50+ market.

10 reviews for Online Certification: Chair and Senior Yoga with Sherry Zak Morris – 60 hrs

  1. Judith Fitzsimmons, Franklin, Tennessee, USA

    Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher
    Having my Master’s Degree in Education, I am very particular about online training programs and I have to say that the Yoga Vista Academy Chair Certification program was exceptionally well-designed and informative. In addition, getting constant encouragement and support made the training very personalized. Thanks for a great job Yoga Vista Academy!

  2. John Conroy, Ennis, Republic of Ireland

    Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher
    I live in Ireland and have over 350 students. I don’t have a gym of my own so I travel throughout the County on a daily basis to rural areas with low levels of population to Community Halls where Students come once a weekly and get their exercise in with an age profile of 6o – 92.

    I really mean this Sherry you have played a huge part in helping me get this going with the vast knowledge, great ideas and variety gained from your online tudorials, Dvd”s and courses completed with you.

  3. Lynda Sandoval, Fredonia, New York, USA

    Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher
    Someone asked me recently if I thought my Chair Yoga training through Yoga Vista Academy was worth the price. Let me explain it this way: I always wanted to teach yoga for seniors (and disabled veterans) but I was always afraid to even approach it, afraid of accidentally hurting a senior, afraid of senior anatomy and health issues…until I saw some of Sherry’s videos and thought, ‘THAT is the kind of senior yoga class I want to teach.’ I developed a level of confidence with designing classes and teaching seniors that I truly hadn’t expected. I immediately started a chair yoga class at my studio that is always full. Full enough that I’ll be adding two more in September. One of my students gave me a card recently that said, ‘Thank you for caring enough to remember us older folks. Honey, you are a born teacher.’

  4. Carol Daly, Jackson Heights, New York, USA

    Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher
    Delving into the course material over the span of about five months helped me learn the importance of the “why” behind each movement and communicate that to the seniors I teach. As I continued through the course I applied what I learned in my classes which made them fresh and vibrant each time. I have significantly expanded my movement repertoire and confidence regardless of my audience size or level. I am better equipped to pull up whatever is needed to meet the group or person in front of me.

    The course material is meticulous, well organized and infused with live vignettes and lots of subject matter experts in related fields. The handouts and multidimensional libraries of anatomy and poses are just wonderful! I think it’s a win win for all yoga teachers wherever you are in your practice and teaching.

  5. Gerald Hurtig, Frisco, Texas, USA

    Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair and Gentle Yoga Teacher
    “WOW! I received so much personal growth from the Chair Yoga certification course. The teachers are knowledgeable, experienced and supportive which provided for a wonderful learning experience. Each of their unique backgrounds and approaches provided another dimension to the course. The materials were rich with information and well-written. There was so much more that I received from taking this class than I had ever thought possible. Thanks so much for all that you and your staff do to help teachers like me grow in our yogic lives.”

  6. Julie Hamilton, Edwardsville, Illinois, USA

    Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher
    I really enjoyed being apart of your program for Chair Yoga. I feel that I learned a lot of skills that will help me be a better teacher. I love how each module was presented. I would not hesitate to recommend the Academy to my yoga teacher friends. You have a wonderful venue! I savored every module I took and I am incorporating them in every class I teach. I have learned so much and still am when I watch YouTube.

  7. Cheryl Todd, Escondido, California, USA

    Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher
    I’ve learned so much from Sherry and her Chair Yoga Certification course. After teaching chair yoga for a number of years, I felt a little stale and in need of a fresh approach, to bring to my students and a brush up on my anatomy knowledge. The course gave me that and more. It is full of detailed pictures, videos, poses and instruction, and is easy to follow along. I liked the fact that I could work at my own pace around a rather hectic schedule.

  8. Simone Price, Glenfield, New Zealand

    Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher
    I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and learnt so much. Information that I can use for my Chair Yoga Classes but also for my regular yoga practices as well. Everything was explained so simply and was easy to understand, its also great that I can keep going back over information and re watch the videos when I need to. I would not hesitate in recommending this course to anyone who is looking to teach chair yoga or yoga for seniors.

  9. Raquel Jex, Chicago, Illinois, USA

    Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher
    What I loved about the Online Chair Yoga Program! 1. The written PDF’s that went with most of the Video’s. 2. I liked the exams throughout because it kept it very fresh. 3. The PDF’s are fanastic reference documents, so those are so nice to have. 4. The video – MOST all were very good. 5. Library of postures is great to have with the handout’s as well, because the names are different than we use in other yoga classes! 🙂 6. In the video’s themselves, one thing I really like was being able to see the seniors do it with you. It gave me an idea of what those postures look like for them because I find myself wanting to correct their form when it may be all they can do.

  10. Alison Partridge, United Kingdom

    Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher
    The course has really helped me to gain confidence in teaching seated yoga, by basing it so strongly in the context of the physiology of ageing. The depth of information about anatomy, injuries, philosophies and yoga modifications to work alongside everyone’s particular body issues, is really exceptional. I’ve found it so helpful and I know that it will continue to provide endless stimulation and ideas.

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