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Quiz: Yoga Therapy for the Knees & Knee Replacements
Question #1: The knee is most stable when it is...
Question #2: To stretch the gastrocnemius, it is best to have the leg straight.
Question #3: If there is pain in the knee joint it is good to keep stretching as the muscle will most likely release.
Question #4: Which of the following us NOT a reason that the 'Knee Therapy' pose in the manual is great for buying time before a knee replacement?
Question #5: If there is knee pain in the front of the knee while practicing bridge the best modification is to...
Question #6: To keep the knees healthy, all movement is good. Move it or lose it!
Question #7: After a knee replacement surgery one should generally...
Question #8: The Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL), also known as the Tibial Collateral Ligament (TCL), is attached through fascia to the medial meniscus.
Question #9: If someone has knee pain, which course of action should generally be avoided in a Yoga intervention?
Question #10: Since knees are weight-bearing joints, the best way to begin working with knee injuries is through weight-bearing poses.