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Quiz: Introduction to Yoga for Seniors
Question #1: What Movement Method starts with the very basics of a pose and then presents various options a student can choose from?
Question #2: What pose depicts an example of an "Integrate" in the Isolate and Integrate Movement method?
Question #3: What conditions are often called the twin perils of aging?
Question #4: What dosha is described as solid, slow moving, structured and tends towards lethargy? (I highly recommend studying the Ayurveda doshas to better understand the mind/body constitution of our students.)
Question #5: What anatomical components provide support and structure to the body?
Question #6: Bones keep muscles in place?
Question #7: Which yoga pose is an excellent balance and strength training pose for older adults who want to maintain independence with getting in/out of chairs and on/off the toilet due to side effect of strengthening gluts, quads and back muscles?
Question #8: These muscles are referred to as the "muscles of independence."
Question #9: What type of movement is NOT recommended for Seniors in a Chair Yoga Class?
Question #10: What condition is often associated with degradation of the joints in our Senior population?