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Quiz: Yoga Therapy for Metabolic Syndrome
Question #1: Where does the process of metabolic syndrome begin?
Question #2: Which is not an anatomical part of the cell?
Question #3: High insulin levels, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol levels and obesity of the fat around the middle type must all be present for there to be a diagnosis of Metabolic Syndrome.
Question #4: What is NOT an example of Brahmacharya?
Question #5: What is counter-indicated for pre-hypertension?
Question #6: According to the video which 3 things can lead to hypertension?
Question #7: What is cholesterol good for?
Question #8: What Yogic tool is counter-indicated for some people with Metabolic Syndrome?
Question #9: How many miles of blood vessels are needed per extra pound of fat?
Question #10: What organ is “exhausted” in the Type Two Diabetic dis-ease state?