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Quiz: Yoga Therapy for Leg Lymphedema
Question #1: What are the two primary functions of the lymphatic system:
Question #2: What is NOT a true statement about the lymphatic system?
Question #3: How does the body get prana to cells that are not neighboring a blood vessel?
Question #4: What are the correct attributes of Sthira?
Question #5: What percentage of Apana is left behind in the interstitial tissue by the Circulatory System?
Question #6: Lymphatic fluid is:
Question #7: Lymph nodes primary function is to:
Question #8: Heart disease fosters lymphedema because:
Question #9: Which is not a true statement about yoga therapy for leg lymphedema?
Question #10: True or False: Lying with legs up a wall is counterproductive for Leg Lymphedema because the fluid has no where to go.
Question #11: What is an untrue statement about pranayama practices for someone with Lymphedema.