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Quiz: Yoga Therapy for Headaches & Nerve Pain in the Neck and Shoulders
Question #1: A Plexus:
Question #2: What are the six nerve plexuses in the body?
Question #3: In the Eastern health nomenclature the term ‘fire’ means:
Question #4: What is a true statement about the shoulder and brachial plexus area?
Question #5: What is a false statement about the brachial plexus?
Question #6: According to the video what is an asana that is useful for brachial plexus compression?
Question #7: Which pose may be counter-indicated for a student with brachial plexus compression?
Question #8: According to the video which would be considered the more severe case?
Question #9: Which is a false statement?
Question #10: Locust pose can be therapeutic for a brachial plexus case?