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Quiz: The Abdominal Muscles and Core Strength
Question #1: The ribs and the hips are connected.
Question #2: Aponeurosis is more likely to calcify than muscle.
Question #3: What is the primary role of the transverse abdominus?
Question #4: You want to encourage students to eliminate all lordotic curve.
Question #5: According to Brian Dorfman in the video what is a primary way yoga benefits the body?
Question #6: What large muscle of the low back is involved in most low back pain?
Question #7: How many rows does the rectus abdomins display?
Question #8: Anterior tilt assists with low back extension in forward bends.
Question #9: What anterior muscle group helps to support the low back?
Question #10: In the course of normative breathing is the diaphragm contracting or relaxing during inhalation?