Happy Spring!

Mother Nature is doing Yoga! Springtime is a lovely example of the yogic concepts of Sukha and Sthira – Suppleness and Resiliency. With the recent rains we can see the fragile green blush starting to cover the fields and canyons. It’s still so delicate, but it’s unstoppable. It pushes up through ground that was hard and dry and seemingly inhospitable. It’s a vital reminder for us that no matter what we go through in life – drought, pain or  loss – we also have within us an inexhaustible force that seeks the light and is always ready to grow.

“Desert Daisies” by Susana Jones

Here are two of my favorite quotations on the essence of Spring:

“Resurrection. The reversal of what was thought to be absolute. The turning of midnight into dawn, hatred into love, dying into living anew. If we look more closely into life, we will find that resurrection is more than hope, it is our experience. The return to life from death is something we understand at our innermost depths, something we feel on the surface of our tender skin. We have come back to life, not only when we start to shake off a shroud of sorrow that has bound us, but when we begin to believe in all that is still, endlessly possible.”

– Molly Fumia

“Oh Spring, how we’ve missed you. Stir us from our slumber. Blow away the dark storms of winter with your gentle breezes so we can see again the mountains of challenge that inspire us to climb higher. They’ve been there all winter, but we’ve been inside. The promise of change is all around – may we greet the new beginning with renewed energy and vigor.”


Wishing you a Springtime of resiliency,

Monique Lonner

Director, Soul Yoga Therapy